"Smells Like Our Store" - Reed Diffuser

"Smells Like Our Store" - Reed Diffuser

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"It smells so good in here!" accompanied by a deep breath.  We are always so happy to see the looks on our customers' faces when they walk into our store.   The aroma of various essential oils and small-batch formulas permeates the air creating a comforting sense of peace and calm.  

By popular demand, we have "bottled" the aroma of our shop.

Introducing our very first Reed Diffuser which Smells Like Our Store! A propriety blend of 32 genuinely pure essential oils derived from flowers, seeds, roots, bark and leaves will calm your senses and uplift your spirits. 

This product is 50 divine milliliters of pure essential oils, however the bottle is larger to accommodate the reed diffusers.

How To Use:
Place all five (5) enclosed bamboo reeds into bottle top. Reeds will soak up formula and disperse aroma into the air.

50ml of liquid.