Detox Kit

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Have you heard about the benefits of dry brushing? We've developed this Detox Kit to assist you in both exfoliating your skin, improving overall circulation and stimulating drainage from the lymphatic system.

NEW! Sisal Bath Glove - This dry brush body glove provides maximum exfoliation and improves circulation, stimulating drainage from the lymphatic system and helping to increase blood flow. See diagram for more details on how to dry brush.

Bloor West Village Handcrafted Soap - Follow dry brushing with this bar that includes locally sourced coffee grounds which work wonders to help exfoliate the skin. The coarse particles help to remove dirt and dead skin cells.

Soothing Oil- Finish off with this Soothing Oil featuring Vitamin E and Avocado oil heal and nourish the skin. Blue Chamomile essential oil is anti-inflammatory and good for muscle aches and inflammation. Lavender essential oil is calming for sensitive skin. This is a great combination for those with reactive skin. Our Soothing Oil is great for your face, body and hair. All natural goodness with 100% pure essential oils.

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