Lemon Aide - Lemon Dish Liquid & Tea Towel Set

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Our best selling Lemon Aide Dish Liquid, in our lemon formula, paired with a beautiful 100% cotton tea towel with custom print, makes for the perfect gift set.

Our all-natural dish liquid formula cuts grease using the antibacterial and uplifting powers of pure citrus essential oils.  Our coconut-based formula effectively cleans dishes without drying skin. 

Select from one of eight dish towel designs.
Please note, dish liquid cap may be yellow or white depending on availability. 

Water, coconut base biodegradable surfactants, glycerine, citric acid, sodium chlordide, sodium benzoate, a blend of citrus essential oils, Phenoxyethanol , caprylyl glycol, Sorbic Acid.

Tea Towel Care: machine wash, tumble low heat or line dry.