The "Man Can"
The "Man Can"

The "Man Can"

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Back by popular demand, our Gentleman's Apothecary "Man Can" complete with the following all-natural formulas:

Shaving Cream
Our very popular shaving cream. Can be applied with or without a brush, but most prefer the old fashioned way with a brush. Coconut oil softens even the toughest beards. Eucalyptus and lemon myrtle pure essential oil work to reduce bumps and redness. The scent is uplifting, fresh and manly.

After Shave Balm
Our after shave balm helps to calm and soothe the skin. This all-natural formula is made with pure essential oils combining eucalyptus & lemon myrtle and offers a fresh, uplifting scent.

True North Body Wash
Breathe in the incredible aroma of a lush Canadian forest with our True North Body Wash. Formulated with Black Spruce, Cedarwood and Lavender essential oils this exquisite wash will both uplift your senses and calm your mind as you bath. Cedarwood works to soothe, lavender calms and promotes a restful state.

Soothing Oil 
Vitamin E and Avocado oil heal and nourish the skin.  Blue Chamomile essential oil is anti-inflammatory and good for muscle aches and inflammation.  Lavender essential oil is calming for sensitive skin. This is a great combination for those with reactive skin. Our Soothing Oil is great for your face, body and hair. All natural goodness with 100% pure essential oils.

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