Welcome to the advanced and immersive world of REY

I've been looking forward to today for almost a year, and not because it's my birthday but because what I'm about to present is an achievement beyond my wildest dreams and quite possibly my purpose.

 I'm so excited to have invited a select number of special people (yes, YOU) to experience the latest evolution here at Maison Apothecare. If you are familiar with my journey you'll know that bringing Maison Apothecare and Lemon Aide to life has been a bumpy ride with lots of learning on many levels. When this special project came to light I decided to hone all my experience, not only as a formulator with a passion for chemistry, botany and homeopathy but as a nurturer, a mother and a leader who would like to see so much more for our planet and future generations. It's one thing to 'create' but it's another to 'create with positive impact' as the central theme.


I would have loved to have brought you along from the beginning to see the concept take shape, to see the research reveal the path forward, to watch the team bring the ideas to life and the joy of the entire process fill us up. However what you get to see right now is the end result, the grand reveal...so without further ado I present to you my legacy: REY SKIN - where planet and people are in harmony with skincare.

With love,

Natacha Rey