Celebrating our earth (and little earthlings)

Sustainability is a core principle that extends beyond caring for the environment. Here at Maison Apothecare, holistic sustainability is the practice of being intentional with all we do. Our work at Maison expresses this through our ingredients, community, and impact on the planet. 

Having sustainable ingredients means being mindful when selecting ingredients that don’t harm anyone. Our ingredients are not tested on animals, are biodegradable, are septic tank safe and do not contain hormone disruptors. We are also selective with sourcing ingredients by buying organic and fair trade whenever possible; to protect animal habitats.

Our products adhere to the following practices to reduce our impact on the planet: strict formulation practices, recyclable packaging, and renewable energy manufacturing.

 According to the World Wildlife Fund, the cultivation of Palm Oil leads to deforestation of the homes of endangered species, tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and even the exploitation of workers, which goes against our sustainability philosophy. (1) This is why we decided to use avocado seed oil instead of palm oil in our formulations, using surplus from the avocado industry that was diverted from becoming food waste.

 Our packaging is earth-friendly, as you will never find our products in excessive outer box packaging, which helps save thousands of trees. We use aluminum where possible, and recyclable glass and PET plastic for products that require in-shower safety. You can recycle the refill boxes at your local Beer Store, and of course, all of our bottles can be returned to our in-store locations for recycling! 

 In the manufacturing and shipping process, all of our shipping materials are biodegradable, and we use 100% green and renewable materials through Bullfrog Power. Every step of the way, we keep sustainability at the forefront as we recognize the importance of our impact in the whole process. 

How can we claim to care about the world if we don’t care about the people in it? At Maison Apothecare, we pride ourselves on a culture of inclusivity that praises diversity in all forms, including having a child and dog-friendly workplace. Genuine care means ensuring equal pay, providing a generous health benefits package, offering double the amount of minimum paid sick days, and always accommodating flexible scheduling because these are required to be truly sustainable in the lives of our employees. 

Other practices we enabled here at Maison that help protect our planet include offering local delivery in our electric vehicle, not using single-use plastics, using compostable items, and using only filtered water anywhere across our sites from our head office, manufacturing, and in-store.

Caring for the planet also means giving back in other ways! We are excited to contribute to various charity organizations, with a $100 000 donation goal by 2024. We host various charity events and fundraisers in-store, including participating in regular tree-planting initiatives.

You have the power to help us make a more significant impact by: 

    • Joining our community - We will keep you in the loop with our latest sustainability practices

    • Purchasing refills to reduce your carbon footprint

    • Take part in our recycling program and bring us your empty bottles

We are in this together and believe that to make a true impact; we must celebrate each day like Earth Day at Maison Apothecare!

 Sources:  (1)8 Things to Know About Palm Oil. “World Wildlife Fund” Accessed April 19, 2023.https://www.wwf.org.uk/updates/8-things-know-about-palm-oil#:~:text=What%20is%20the%20problem%20with,pygmy%20elephant%20and%20Sumatran%20rhino.