Bathing your newborn

Competent new mother, here we go...or so I thought.  The first time I bathed my daughter all on my own was nothing short of a disaster.  I immersed her into the water only to realize that I had forgotten the washcloth & towel.  The baby wash was far from reach and once I was able to grab it the seal had to be removed - not so easy with one hand!  So for this reason I am dedicating this post to moms-to-be:

How to bathe your new born:

You'll need: baby bath or bathing craddle (for bathing in a bathtub), baby towel, 2 x wash cloths, extra towel or change pad to create a soft surface, baby wash, baby lotion, plastic cup, diaper, onsie, blow dryer (optional).

1.  Remove all of your jewlery and roll up your sleeves.

2.  Set up all of the items above ensuring all seals on products have been removed  and all items are readily accessible.  For extra comfort you can place the Baby Wash bottle in the tub to warm it up.

3.  Slowly immerse your baby.  You may start with the feet and begin sponge-bathing upward with a soft washcloth.  The deeper you can immerse your baby the more relaxed they will become, as it will remind them of the womb.  NOTE:  ALWAYS CHECK TEMPERATURE WITH YOUR INNER FOREARM (our tough hands may not be able to sense temperature accurately)

4.  Your Position:  if you are kneeling on the floor and leaning into a bath tub, be sure to have good back support (try to tighten abdomen to protect your back) and you can use a towel under your knees.  

5.  Always have one hand on your infant to hold them in place.  With your other hand, pour a dime sized drop of 3in1 wash onto your baby's tummy and gently massage the wash all over.  Be sure to wash inside all the folds.  As your infant grows, you'll notice food can gather just about anywhere!  

6.  Washing the head:  infants generally do not require soap washing on their head but if you wish to here is the easiest way without getting water or soap on their face:  place a washcloth on their forehead (damp is even better for absorption) and put some water on their head using the cup.  Place a small drop of 3in1 wash onto their scalp and very gently begin massaging (their fontanels or skull is still open so just be extra gentle on the soft areas).  Keeping the washcloth in place, use fresh warm water to rinse thoroughly. 

 6.  Rinse the soap off by pouring fresh warm water from a cup, continue rinsing and using your hand to ensure thorough that the soap is being removed.  Be sure to rinse in the folds. 

7. Once your baby is all clean and bubbles have been rinsed off, take your baby out and place into a soft warm towel.  Gently pat dry all over including the creases.  During the winter months, if you wish to you could use a blow dryer on gentle to dry their hair and to warm them up.   Always put your hand in front of the dryer to make sure temperature just warm. 

SAFETY NOTES:  Never leave your baby unattended in the bath (I know it's common sense but just reminding you to be present).  Always do a patch test on small part of skin when using new products prior to applying to whole body.  If any redness appears, do not use that product.  Always test water temperature before putting your baby in the tub. 

I hope this has been helpful.  Stay tuned for more posts on baby care and issues like Craddle Cap.